Mason Cash Wood/Steel 4 in One Bench Scraper
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$ 12.00 

Cleaning flour from a worktop is not necessarily an easy thing to do. Use a damp cloth and you will end up with a sticky dough and ruined cloth. Scrape with a spatula and your floor will need a good clean afterwards. The Mason Cash Innovative Kitchen 4-in-1 Bench Scraper offers a great solution to the messy issue. With a wooden handle and a 15cm wide stainless steel blade, the scraper offers four useful functions. It will easily clean your bench of flour and dough after baking; is perfect for cutting biscuit, bread or scone dough and pastry and it can also be used for measuring, if you need to cut cookie dough discs or pastry strips. A series of holes will easily strip herbs from their stalks. Compact, useful and innovative, you will wonder how you managed without one.

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